Tamao Fujino
Tamao Fujino
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Tamao Fujino (藤野 珠緒 Fujino Tamao?)

A long hair beauty and student of Umenomori Gakuen who is two years senior to Takumi and friends. She belongs to Kei-On-Bu, which has only 3 members. She is on very good terms with Kanae, and is also part of the Spats (which refers to a type of athletic tights in Japan) faction led by Fumino in volume 2 of the series. After her love confession to Daigorō on Valentine's Day in her final semester, she became engaged to him. Subsequently, she calls Daigorō Dai-chan, and acts lovey dovey over him, often joining the Stray Cats Associates Club meeting in their clubroom and feeding Daigorō food.

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