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Nozomi Kiriya (霧谷 希 Kiriya Nozomi?)

A mysterious girl Otome picked up at the train station on the way home. Also one of the main heroines. She arrived at the Stray Cats, not revealing anything about herself but her name. She normally tends to be indifferent and emotionless, but also seems to be airheaded when it comes matters like being nude. She also once quipped that she would like to get into a hot spring bath with Takumi, further displaying her naivete. Initially, she ran away because she thought that she was getting in the way of Fumino and Takumi's relationship, but was eventually convinced to return by Takumi. Later on, she realises she has fallen for Takumi and honestly breaks this revelation to both Fumino and Chise. Initially, she was reluctant to get in the way of the other two heroines, and grappled with these feelings for a short period. Eventually, as a consequence of listening to both Fumino and Chise's advice that she should have been more honest with her feelings, she reveals that the reason why she was ambiguous was that she didn't want to cause conflict and rob somebody else of their happiness.

She has a tendency to say "Nya~", much like a cat, complete with mimicry. Her hairstyle also oddly resembles a pair of cat ears. She transfers to Umenomori Gakuen, with some intervention from Chise, and ends up in the same class as Fumino and Takumi. She is a genius originally from Murasame Gakuen, a school/research centre which gathers orphans who show great potential, and educate and develop their underlying potential, but because she was the best she would often be used by the teachers as an example which would cause the students grief. She is good in studies, sports and the piano, and when she was learning how to make a cake from Otome, she did it perfectly on her first try, and was appointed the new pâtissier of Stray Cats. Nozomi, according to Takumi, also scored the highest in a practice exam at school. Additionally, in the anime, she is shown to be able to fix a television as well, despite the fact that she probably has not fixed one before, as well as single handedly winning a sports competition.

In the anime, she was something more of an unseen character for the first episode, often just parts of her were shown on screen and was referred to as a large cat to people who got a glimpse of her. However, she wasn't fully seen till the end, when Otome showed her to them.

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