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Fumino Serizawa (芹沢 文乃 Serizawa Fumino?) is one of the main heroines of the story. She is the childhood friend of Takumi Tsuzuki who has been with him ever since they were both in the orphanage.


Fumino has butt-length light-brown hair that has two red bows clipped on either side and green eyes.


Fumino has a habit of meaning entirely the opposite of what she usually says, a fact only Takumi Tsuzuki seems to be aware of. It was revealed that Takumi was the unwitting inspiration for this habit. She works at the Stray Cats as a part-time job just so she could be with Takumi even after he was adopted by Otome Tsuzuki. When she's angry, she tends to shout "Die twice!" (or occasionally, "Die ten thousand times!") to the poor soul who incurred her wrath. In addition, Takumi (and occasionally Ieyasu Kikuchi) is the unfortunate recipient of much of her violent outbursts, ironically it being him who taught her that. She also beats up Takumi when the two of them end up in close proximity with each other by accident, out of embarrassment. As such, her behavior resembles a typical tsundere.

She has a crush on Takumi and she is frequently teased about it by Kanae Naruko (Fumino's good friend). She developed feelings for Takumi because he used to protect her from being bullied from when they were still at the orphanage together and his kind nature. However, she dislikes his obliviousness towards her feelings and once questioned to herself what did the other girls like about him. She confesses to Takumi in a panic, and leaves Takumi somewhat hanging on the credibility of what she had said, stating both love and hate towards him. Fumino's parents died in an accident, which leaves her orphaned and she is also shown to be extremely jealous when Takumi gets along well with other girls, and if they try to get Takumi to go along with their plans, she will come up with a lie on the spot to prevent them from monopolizing him.

She is easily embarrassed and can get worked up if someone even suggests that she cares for them. To hide this, she normally comes up with unrealistic lies to hide her concern for anyone (or her feelings for Takumi).


  • The name Fumino means "sentence, letter, writing" (文) (fumi) and "from" (乃) (no).
  • Fumino's surname Serizawa means "celery" (芹) (seri) and "swamp" (沢) (sawa/zawa).


  • Fumino's blood type is A.
  • Fumino's measurements are B84 (D) W58 H84.